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NFL Lockout: Outline Of Deal Between Players, Owners Reportedly Done

The NFL lockout has gone on long enough, it seems, as the owners and players are creeping eerily close to coming to terms on an agreement that would allow football to start on time this fall.

The economics of a deal between the players and owners are done, according to the NFL Network's Albert Breer, aside from a few small details. The financial details weren't the last major hurdle, but it was a big one that should allow the rest of the issues to crumble rather quickly.

This is the second consecutive day that a major agreement has taken place in the NFL's Collective Bargaining talks as the two sides agreed to terms on the rookie pay scale Thursday evening.

The remaining issues, according to a Thursday report from Yahoo! Sports' Michael Silver, should be a "legacy fund" for retired players, franchise and transition tags, the possibility of increasing the 16-game schedule to 18 games along with healthcare and player safety.

Hopefully the ball keeps rolling and the rest of these issues are hashed out soon.