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NFL Lockout: Practice Rules 'Most Passionate' Issue Left, Says Chris Mortensen

With some sensing the NFL lockout is literally down to its final hours*, excluding various post-agreement steps like ratification and union reformation, ESPN's Chris Mortensen broke down what he calls the most "emotional issue" left for players: safety and quality of life factors related to training camp and practice.

According to Mortensen, players want post-practice opportunity periods -- like the one that injured padless Cleveland Browns rookie James Davis -- to be significantly altered, among other calls for less physical stress during non-game situations.

Others are reportedly worried about sending out players who haven't yet been hardened by grueling practices, hypothesizing that those players would be more subject to injury during games since they haven't had to, uh, battle for their lives every day for an entire summer, or something. Not so sure about that one.

* Mort himself doesn't quite agree with that projection, going with July 22 instead.

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