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NFL Lockout Agreement Includes Provision For Los Angeles Stadium

How serious is the NFL about returning to Los Angeles? In NFL lockout negotiations, building a stadium in Los Angeles has come up, and there appears to be language in the potential detail directly at bringing a team, and a stadium, to the city. It's not a major hurdle in the talks, but appears to be a piece in the revenue sharing puzzle the two sides are putting together.

The news comes from ESPN's Chris Mortensen, who reported some of the details the players and owners have agreed upon. The deal is not complete, nor are any of the details final, but they add up with everything that's been reported thus far.

Under the proposed 10-year CBA, players would get a split ranging from 48 to 46.5 percent of a simplified all-revenue model, the sources said. The lower 46.5 percentage would represent an increase in total dollars as revenues grow from new television contracts, as well as allowing credits if three new stadiums are constructed, including one in Los Angeles, where the NFL has not had a team since the 1994 season.

Simply, the NFL can hand out credits to construct new stadiums, as it has in the past. The league would then receive payments on those credits, paid back by the team after the stadium opens. It's a good deal for owners looking to build a new stadium, and allows the NFL to earn back the credit over time.

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