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NFL Lockout's Final Days Revealing Salary Cap Details Like $3 Million Exception

If the NFL lockout is really going to end within the next three or four days as expected, expect more and more details of the new collective bargaining agreement to trickle out. We've already heard that the NFL's new CBA would impose a $120 million salary cap. The National Football Post's Andrew Brandt reports the cap will also include a "NBA-type" one-year exception, which would give teams the chance to spend $123 million just for 2011.

The salary floor would be based off of the $120 million figure, though, not the $123 million mark. Just pretend that $3 million doesn't really exist -- since it won't, after this season.

That's the report, at least.

Why would players agree to a temporary cap boost instead of lobbying for a permanent $123 million cap? Niners Nation's legal mind David Fucillo speculates it's because players would rather have that then deal with teams still having right of first refusal despite the compacted free agency season. This gives each owner a little bit of wiggle room to let him hang on to a prized veteran while still helping to limit that part of the process to that 72-hour time frame.

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