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New England Revolution Supporters Stage Protest Over Treatment

Just in case you were wondering if this whole flap over the New England Revolution's treatment of their supporters' section was going away, Sunday proved that wouldn't be happening anytime soon. Several weeks after stadium security and police forcibly removed fans from "The Fort", supporters staged a protest which included wearing all black, sitting silent for the first 15 minutes and ultimately walking out in unison rather than watch their team play the Philadelphia Union. In a letter published by The Drug Is Football, "The Fort" states that their issues are aimed at management and club security:

It should be made absolutely clear that these actions are not directed towards the players, coaches or technical staff. While supporters are both frustrated and disappointed at how the 2011 season has turned out to this point our issue is not with you, but club management and stadium security. We’re New England ‘til we die and we’ll continue to stand behind you both literally and figuratively, but this Sunday we’ll only be doing so in our hearts and minds.

For more information about "The Fort's" protest and the New England Revolution, make sure to check out The Bent Musket.