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Mocking the Drafts YouTube Channel Update 7/18/11

Welcome to the latest look into whats new over at Mocking the Drafts Prospect Film Library. Since our last update, we've added a solid collection of videos featuring 2012 prospects to get a head start on players to watch for the upcoming season.

This week, we take a look at dueling PAC-10 (for the last time) QBs when USC and Stanford square off. These quarterbacks also happen to be the #1 and #3 quarterbacks for 2012, Andrew Luck and Matt Barkley.

After the PAC-10 2012 QB Showdown there is the Big 12 2012 QB showdown between Landry Jones of Oklahoma and Brandon Weeden of Oklahoma State. West Virginia fans should also be interested to see Dana Holgorsen's offense.

Our final video of the week features one of the most exciting bowl games from last season: UNC vs Tennessee in the Music City Bowl. North Carolina puts one of the greatest collection of defensive talent on the field in this 2OT thriller.

Next update gets us back to our look at 2011 1st round quarterbacks with a collection of games featuring Blaine Gabbert and the Missouri Tigers. Join us after the jump for prospects to watch and embedded videos!

USC D vs Stanford O / USC O vs Stanford D 2010

Oklahoma O vs Oklahoma State D / Oklahoma D vs Oklahoma State O 2010

North Carolina D vs Tennessee O / North Carolina O vs Tennessee D 2010 Music City Bowl


USC 2011 Draft Picks/UDFA                                                                                                                        USC 2012 Prospects

Tyron Smith, OT - Cowboys, #9 Overall                                                                               Matt Barkley, QB - MtD #13 Overall

Jurrell Casey, DT - Titans, #77 Overall                                                                                     Matt Kalil, OT - MtD #17 Overall

Shareece Wright, CB - Chargers, #89 Overall                                                                  Rhett Ellison, TE - MtD #60 Overall

Jordan Cameron, TE - Browns, #102 Overall                                                                       Nick Perry, DE - MtD #69 Overall

Ronald Johnson, WR - 49ers, #182 Overall                                                                 Chris Galippo, LB - MtD #108 Overall

Allen Bradford, RB - Buccaneers, #187 Overall                                                               Blake Ayles, TE - MtD #142 Overall

Stanley Havili, FB - Eagles, #240 Overall                                                                      T.J. McDonald, FS - MtD #152 Overall

David Ausberry, WR - Raiders, #241 Overall                                                 Armond Armstead, DE/DT - MtD #178 Overall

Malcolm Smith, LB - Seahawks, #242 Overall                                                                    Marc Tyler, RB - MtD #196 Overall

Kris O'Dowd, C - UDFA                                                                                                                         Stanford 2012 Prospects

Stanford 2011 Draft Picks/UDFA                                                                                          Andrew Luck, QB - MtD #1 Overall

Sione Fua, DT - Panthers, #97 Overall                                                                        Jonathan Martin, OT - MtD #10 Overall

Owen Marecic, FB - Browns, #124 Overall                                                               Chris Owusu, WR/KR - MtD #71 Overall

Richard Sherman, CB - Seahawks, #154 Overall                                                       Delano Howell, SS - MtD# 75 Overall

Ryan Whalen, WR - Bengals, #167 Overall                                                                      Cody Fleener, TE - MtD #82 Overall

Thomas Keiser, LB - UDFA                                                                                         David DeCastro, OG - MtD #123 Overall

Chase Beeler, OC - UDFA                                                                                                  Shayne Skov, LB - MtD #168 Overall

Derek Hall, OT - UDFA                                                                                                                       Oklahoma 2012 Prospects

Oklahoma 2011 Draft Picks/UDFA                                                                                     Landry Jones, QB - MtD #6 Overall

DeMarco Murray, RB - Cowboys, #71 Overall                                                                    Travis Lewis, LB - MtD #31 Overall

Quinton Carter, S - Broncos, #108 Overall                                                                      Ryan Broyles, WR - MtD #42 Overall

Jonathan Nelson, CB - Rams, #229 Overall                                                                Stephen Good, OG - MtD #73 Overall

Jeremy Beal, LB - Broncos, #247 Overall                                                                  Jamell Fleming, CB - MtD #141 Overall

Eric Mensick, OT - UDFA                                                                                     Jamarkus McFarland, DT - MtD #170 Overall

Oklahoma State 2011 Draft Picks/UDFA                                                                           Oklahoma State 2012 Prospects

Kendall Hunter, RB - 49ers, #115 Overall                                                                   Justin Blackmon, WR - MtD #9 Overall

Bryant Ward, FB - UDFA                                                                                                         Levy Adcock, OT - MtD #68 Overall

Ugo Chinasa, DE/OLB - UDFA                                                                                 Brandon Weeden, QB - MtD #125 Overall

Orie Lemon, LB - UDFA                                                                                                     Markelle Martin, S - MtD #129 Overall

North Carolina 2011 Draft Picks/UDFA                                                                                  North Carolina 2012 Prospects

Robert Quinn, DE - Rams #12 Overall (DNP)                                                                Quinton Coples, DE - MtD#2 Overall

Bruce Carter, LB - Cowboys #40 Overall (DNP)                                            Donte Paige-Moss, DE/OLB - MtD#12 Overall

Marvin Austin, DT - Giants, #52 Overall (DNP)                                                                   Zach Brown, LB - MtD #21 Overall

Greg Little, WR - Browns, #59 Overall (DNP)                                                                Tydreke Powell, DT - MtD#66 Overall

Da'Norris Searcy, CB - Bills, #100 Overall                                                                     Dwight Jones, WR - MtD #91 Overall

Johnny White, RB - Bills, #133 Overall (DNP)                                                                             Tennessee 2012 Prospects

T.J. Yates, QB - Texans, #152 Overall                                                                             Tauren Poole, RB - MtD #147 Overall

Quan Strudivant, LB - Cardinals, #171 Overall                                                                  Malik Jackson, DT/DE - Unranked

Ryan Taylor, TE - Packers, #218 Overall                                                                                   Janzen Jackson, S - Unranked

Deunta Williams, S - UDFA                                                     

Kendric Burney, CB - UDFA

Tennessee 2011 Draft Picks/UDFA

Luke Stocker, TE - Buccaneers, #104 Overall

Denarius Moore, WR - Raiders, #148 Overall