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NFL Lockout News: Deal By Thursday Is Possible

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The NFL lockout is nearing its end. Though there hasn't yet been an official "It's over!" we're getting to the point where there's almost nothing standing in the way of getting a deal done. Lawyers for each side will be meeting in New York this week finalizing legal language in the agreement.

Meanwhile, NFL and NFLPA leaders will be meeting in Washington D.C. NFL Network's Albert Breer reports the NFLPA executive committee will be arriving in Washington D.C. and will be meeting through Tuesday.

Arriving on Wednesday will be the player reps for each team. Their presence is note-worthy because they'll be the ones filtering the information down to the rest of the players in the league. 

The idea, it seems, is to come to an agreement by Wednesday. Then, on Thursday, NFL owners will vote on the agreement at their meetings in Atlanta, as will the players. If all goes well, that's when the deal goes down.

That's another four days until we have a new labor deal and an end to the NFL lockout but, as we noted, not much is standing in the way of getting that done. It looks like it's going to happen. 

Stay tuned for more NFL lockout news