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NFL Lockout: Jeremy Shockey Says Deal To Be Done Thursday, Will Report To Team This Weekend

Amidst news that key team executives for all 32 teams have been told to report to Atlanta on Thursday, NFLPA player representatives are also sending the word out to players. Jeremy Shockey told Busted Coverage he received a text from his agent Drew Rosenhaus telling him to report to Charlotte for a three-day camp this weekend.

It is expected the camp will be a mix of actual workouts and a chance to explain the new CBA to all the players. This is yet another significant sign that the NFL lockout is close to an end. If Shockey received word to report to camp, that would indicate NFL player representatives are confident a deal will be done as they would be the ones passing on word to the rest of the team.

Both sides will need to learn the new rules before free agency gets going as there will be a wide variety of changes from the previous CBA on everything from salary options to drug testing to conduct issues. Executives, players and agents will all have a lot to learn in a very limited amount of time. The ones who learn the most will be the ones who can find the loopholes seen in any contract.

Stay tuned for more NFL lockout news as we will hopefully have a resolution this week.