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NFL Lockout: More Signs Deal Is Getting Closer

The NFL lockout news continues to roll in and for the most part it's positive. It's believed that, in the best-case scenario, the NFLPA will approve a new labor agreement on Wednesday and the owners will follow suit on Thursday, which could open the league for business on Friday.

In yet another sign that the lockout is ending soon, several teams have started announcing dates in which tickets will be on sale.

The Chicago Bears say they'll start selling single-game tickets next week and the Jacksonville Jaguars will do so later this week. Other teams will be following suit soon.

Though this in itself doesn't mean much, combined with the other signs we've been seeing, it does appear that most are bracing for the lockout to end very soon.

That's good news for the fans. We've been waiting all offseason to hear that a deal is getting closer and now we're being overwhelmed with reports like that. Now we'll see if fans get back into the game and start buying tickets.