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NFL Lockout: Latest News Is That Players Won't Vote On Settlement On Wednesday

The last bit of NFL lockout news we had was a report that the players planned to vote on the settlement with the owners. If they approved then it would be up to the owners to vote on the deal that would end the NFL lockout.

Apparently, the players' vote isn't going down on Wednesday. Howard Fendrich of the Associated Press reports via a source familiar with the negotiations that the vote won't be happening on Wednesday.

This doesn't mean a deal won't get done. NFL super agent Tom Condon said on NFL Network Wednesday afternoon that a vote could happen on Wednesday evening or Thursday morning so there are still opportunities to finish it off this week.

I think most still expect that to happen but like most parts of the lockout it's taking a little longer than we expected.

Previous reports suggested the players would be voting on the settlement on Wednesday and, if they approved, the owners would then vote on Thursday. The players could still approve the settlement Thursday morning but we'll have to wait for that.

Follow along for more NFL lockout updates as we hope for this thing to finally be over.