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NFL Lockout: Players' Vote On Wednesday Was Reportedly 'Conditional'

The NFL lockout is incredibly difficult to follow. 

On Wednesday morning, ESPN's Adam Schefter reported that the players would vote on a settlement which, if they approved and the owners did the same on Thursday, would end the NFL lockout. 

On Wednesday afternoon, Howard Frenrich of the Associated Press and Jason La Canfora of NFL Network reported that a vote would actually not go down on Wednesday.

Later on Wednesday afternoon, Jim Trotter of Sports Illustrated went in a little more in-depth reporting that the players have agreed to approve the settlement and forward to the named plaintiffs "pending resolution of some outstanding issues." 

The players vote is conditional, meaning they're prepared to forward the settlement if certain issues can be resolved with the owners.

The players lawyers will continue to negotiate with the league's lawyers, Trotter reports, in anticipation of knocking out the last few hurdles by Thursday morning so that the owners can vote at their meetings in Atlanta later on Thursday.

So the lockout is still on for now but things will become a lot more interesting on Thursday.