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NFL Lockout: Is This The Day?

The NFL lockout is still intact but there are plenty of reasons to believe that this will be the final day before we hear that the owners and players have both voted to essentially end the work stoppage. Many players and player reps are in Washington D.C. with NFLPA leadership while the owners are meeting in Atlanta.

According to reports, the players conditionally voted to approve the settlement pending the resolution of a few issues which would then send the settlement to the named plaintiffs in the Brady vs. NFL case to sign off. From there, the owners would then need to approve the settlement agreement.

It's important to note that, technically, the settlement and the new CBA are two different things. ESPN previously reported that the two sides hoped to achieve a "global settlement" which would wrap all the legal and CBA stuff up into one but the players may not be following that path.

So here's what you, as a football fan, should be hoping for today:

  • Players formally approve settlement
  • Owners formally approve settlement
  • Two sides work out their differences with the new CBA
  • Announce that football is back

Will that happen? Past experience with the lockout tells us that this thing will probably be dragged out even longer but I'm hoping the two sides follow the scenario above.