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NFL Owners Vote Forces Players To Agree Or Risk PR Catastrophe

Wednesday night, NFL players reportedly agreed to "conditionally" accept a settlement that would move the two sides to end the lockout, if certain agreements with ownership could be reached. The owners voted Thursday to ratify a proposal to be sent along to the players ... so what happens if players don't like that proposal?

According to ESPN's Chris Mortensen, that might be exactly what's happening right now. He cites multiple NFLPA personalities who are displeased by the owners' vote, as it "puts the onus" on players to either accept a deal that they wouldn't have otherwise accepted or to look like the bad guys for continuing the labor impasse despite what will appear to Joe Fan to be a good faith effort by the NFL.

Whether the deal the owners signed off on has anything to do with what players would agree to won't matter to football fans who've been told the lockout is inches away from ending.

To further rain on the parade: Sports Illustrated's Jim Trotter says "you can take it to the bank" players won't ratify the current proposal. CBS Sports' Mike Freeman quotes another player who doesn't like the deal.

However, there are dissenting views.

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