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NFL Lockout: Players' Vote May Not Come On Thursday

So the NFL owners approved a proposal to send to the players that would help end this NFL lockout mess. Apparently, not all of the terms in the proposal have been negotiated on by the players.

In fact, the NFLPA isn't even seeing some of these changes until Thursday night -- the same night they're expected to vote yay or nay on the proposal. 

That, Jay Glazer reports, is why a vote among the players likely won't go down on Thursday.

I'm now hearing the players will NOT vote bc they haven't even seen what owners have done w changes players made to the owners' proposal.

It's yet another stumbling block. It seems any time an end to the NFL lockout is in sight, some new development ruins the momentum. 

The delay is understandable from the players' perspective if the owners added terms to the agreement that the players weren't unaware of or didn't negotiate.