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NFL Lockout: Players' Vote Could Take Place On Friday Pending Other Issues

The NFL lockout was in a state of confusion on Thursday night as some folks reported that the players were expected to vote on the owners proposal on Friday and others indicated a vote wouldn't come on that day. Even the NFLPA didn't know if they would vote on Friday.

The truth is somewhere in between, as usual.

ESPN's Chris Mortensen reports the players will vote on the owners proposal on Thursday. However, there are a few "finishing points" they need to clear up in the proposal. The players indicated the owners included several terms in the proposal that were negotiated on so I imagine that's what those "finishing points" are.

But if they can get past those -- Roger Goodell and DeMaurice Smith are staying in touch -- then we could see a vote on Friday. Normally, I'd say they would accept the proposal but there was quite a negative reaction from some players on Twitter so that's no guaranteed.

The owners are looking for the players to agree to the deal and recertify by next Tuesday.