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NFL Lockout: Some Players Want Early Opt-Out Clause In New Deal, According To Report

In the last labor agreement extended in 2006, there was a clause that allowed each side to opt out of the deal early. The owners did so in May 2008, the earliest point in which they could opt out.

In the latest proposed labor deal, the owners have said there will be early opt-out clause in the 10-year agreement. That means it would be a hard agreement of 10 years.

According to ESPN's Chris Mortensen, some players want an early opt-out clause included. Mort reports that some players have the desire to include an opt-out clause after seven years of the 10-year agreement that would include some sort of penalty.

This is one of those details the players want to clear up with the owners before agreeing to approve the proposal. 

For the fans, a 10-year agreement would be great because it means another 10 years without labor disputes interrupting the season. For the players, though, it's a tough decision considering most of the players currently playing won't be in the league in 10 years.

This issue suggests the owners and players need to do some more talking before the deal becomes official. It's looking more and more like the players vote won't be taken on Friday.