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NFL Lockout: Players Told Not To Enter Team Facility Until Lockout Is Lifted

So the NFL lockout story continues to go round and round.

The dispute started back in March when the owners disagreed with how the players were decertifying as a union. The dispute continues on Friday with the owners disagreeing with how the players were recertifying as a union.

The owners are willing to lightly open the doors to the league over the next few days  -- as detailed in a post-lockout schedule -- as the players begin the process of recertification. However, the players, according to Mike Freeman of, don't want to get things started back up until the lockout is officially lifted.

The owners said on Thursday that teams would open their facilities to players on Saturday. However, the trade association doesn't want players to do so until the lockout is lifted first. The chances of that happening are zero.

And around and around we go. This will end...eventually.