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Post-Lockout Rules Could Include One Extra Active Player On Gameday

More changes are expected to be coming to NFL rosters in the 2011 season and beyond. NFL executives met at an Atlanta hotel on Friday morning for a labor seminar on the new rules involved with the owners proposal to the players.

Though it's not officially official, the executives in that meeting were told that game day rosters would expand from 45 to 46 players, according to NFL Network's Jason La Canfora. However, there won't be a third quarterback designation.

Previously, teams could dress 46 players if one of those players was a third quarterback. There were rules that would limit a starter re-entering the game if the third quarterback did.

The new roster limit at 46 players will be a hard one. There are no more third quarterback designations so, for most teams, the same number of players will be dressing on game day -- they'll all just be active.

That's just one of several tweaks to the deal we'll expect to be hearing whenever it all becomes official.