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NFL Lockout: Monday Players Meeting May Not Happen, According To Conflicting Report

This is the bizarro world of the NFL lockout we're living in now: Adam Schefter, who just minutes before reported the players will reconvene on Monday to figure out what to do with the owners' proposal, is now reporting a meeting is not certain. Instead, the players will continue to stay in contact throughout the weekend -- the NFLPA office will be open, as well -- and figure out what to do next when the time comes.

Let's contrast, shall we? First up, the email from the NFLPA, courtesy of Schefter.

Player reps emailed a letter to players saying, "We will meet again Monday to discuss our options and the direction we want to go."

Minutes later, a report from Schefter.

Although an email told players that reps would meet Monday, NFLPA sources say no meeting is planned and talks will continue through weekend.

And finally, what should happen next:

Would really appreciate it if Schefter smiled at camera and said 'Guys, I have to be honest here. I have no effin clue. Put the poker on.'

At any rate, the NFLPA will continue to parse the proposal from the owners and, whenever the players are ready, will hold a vote. Negotiations may still happen before a vote and the players can take their time here, and likely will after the owners' power play on Thursday. At this point, the players can afford to make the owners sweat by not setting a firm timetable and keeping them guessing.

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