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NFL Lockout: Players' Open Issues Not Addressed In Owners' Approved Deal

As the NFL owners wait for the players to make a move on a new collective bargaining agreement, there are still issues that the players need to resolve in any new agreement. According to Pro Football Talk, on Wednesday the NFLPA received a summary of a deal that included 10 open issues, but which were not in the one the owners' approved deal.

Among the 10 issues, there are several that jump out. The first issue deals with teams needing to spend 89 percent of the salary cap and other conditions on spending. Another issue is with the rookie wage scale, as the open issue is whether fourth-year players will receive an escalator clause to boost their salary to $1.2 million. Another issue that was left open was to have the franchise tag be applicable only once in a player's career.

But as we've heard over the last two days, two big issues are an opt-out clause and a resolution to the Brady vs. NFL case. The players want an opt-out clause after seven years, while the owners voted for a straight 10-year deal.

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