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NFL Lockout May End Monday After Roger Goodell, DeMaurice Smith Hammer Out Details

Roger Goodell and DeMaurice Smith struck up an odd relationship throughout the NFL lockout, working together in the midst of a emotional rollercoaster of negotiations and public battles in the media. It was Goodell and Smith huddled together in secret meetings and over the last few days, it's the same two working together to iron-out the last few details.

How solid is there relationship, even after Thursday's power play by the owners? They're still talking this weekend and if everything goes according to plan, Goodell may be at an NFLPA press conference to announce an agreement on Monday, according to Chris Mortensen.

Goodell & Smith working directly on ouple finishing details but trust is there & determined. In fact, Goodell may be invited to Mon. presser. Now Goodell doesn't have to show for a Mon presser in DC. They've had their's but would be a good show of unity if he was with Smith.

As we know by now, nothing is final, but the prevailing wisdom seems to be that Monday is the day. The NFLPA executive board is expect to recommend the agreement Smith and Goodell are working on be passed, and football could be back as soon as Wednesday -- at least if the tentative timelines are right.

The two have become the odd couple as public faces of both sides of the NFL lockout, but deserve an immense amount of credit for getting the negotiations this far. All that's left is a few final details to end our long national nightmare.

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