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NFL Lockout Means Hard Knocks Won't Air This Year, According To Report

Because of the NFL lockout, HBO will not air its popular training camp series, "Hard Knocks," this season. With training camps, free agency and the exhibition schedule all in flux, it seemed as though the HBO series was always in jeopardy, but the show was an afterthought with the bitter labor struggle ongoing and the prospect of canceled games looming.

Peter King broke the news to the world on Twitter Saturday afternoon, confirming the expected.

No "Hard Knocks" this year. I repeat: No "Hard Knocks."

For now, it appears the entire preseason will be strewn together, operating unlike any run-up to the regular season we've ever seen. The NFL Hall of Fame Game in Canton has been canceled already, and free agency will boil down to about a week of hectic action whenever the lockout does end.

On the plus side, Rex Ryan cursing like a sailor will be the lasting image of "Hard Knocks." And you know, I'm sure plenty are fine with that. There's no topping how Ryan handled the cameras last season, so perhaps a year off will be good for the show.

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