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NFL Lockout: Progress Made Saturday, NFLPA Vote Could Come Monday

The NFL lockout may be over early this coming week. We heard similar statements last weekend and none of that held true. However, the NFLPA has spent the weekend negotiating with the owners to iron out any problems in a new collective bargaining agreement. Talks have gone so well apparently that the NFLPA will hold a press conference on Monday to announce an agreement with the owners.

One significant change that happened over the weekend was wide receiver Vincent Jackson dropping his compensation claim for either unrestricted free agency or $10 million as part of the settlement deal in the Brady vs. NFL lawsuit. He was the last remaining of the 10 players in the lawsuit who agreed to drop any demands.

After Monday's press conference, there are still a number of votes that need to take place. First the NFLPA executive committee would need to recommend the CBA and a reformation of the union. The next vote would go to the 32 player representatives. The final hurdle would then be to have all of the players vote. If all goes according to plan, voting could start Wednesday when players report to team facilities. Friday would be the day for all players to report, which could lead to the required 50-percent-plus-one majority needed to recertify the union.

It's best to remain cautiously optimistic, but it does look like the NFLPA is fully behind this new deal.

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