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NFL Lockout All But Over, CBA Agreed On And NFLPA Vote Is A Formality: Report

According to a new report this morning by Mike Freeman at CBS Sports, the NFL lockout of 2011 is all but over, and the NFLPA vote coming on Monday is more or less a formality. The players and owners are said to have reached an agreement on the CBA, and the players will approve the deal in a vote on Monday, according to Freeman's source, a player.

This sounds very definitive and not like a smoke and mirrors report at all. It appears that the NFL lockout is finally coming to an end and that the labor stoppage will finally end on Monday.

A few other things have to happen before the NFL is totally back in business, such as the reformation of the NFLPA as a union, but there's no reason to believe that there will be any obstacles in that respect if the two sides have agreed to a deal. If the players vote to approve the resolution on Monday, team facilities should open on Wednesday with players reporting for training camp on Friday.

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