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Post-NFL Lockout Schedule Could Mean Free Agency Next Weekend

There are a few different timelines floating around about how the post-NFL lockout schedule will go down, including ESPN's which has training camps starting on Wednesday or Friday of this week, and free agency starting on Saturday.

Mike Freeman of CBS Sports has a different timeline.

The new proposal stipulates the league year starts on the fifth day after the agreement is ratified, I'm told by a player source. Training camps cannot start until seven days after agreement is signed by both parties.

So that means, if the players vote to recommend the deal on Monday, the league year (or free agency) would start on Saturday, July 30, and training camps would start on Monday, Aug. 1. Of course, this is all unofficial until the two sides actually finish the deal and announce a post-lockout schedule.

But it sounds like we could be seeing free agency sometime next weekend, and the start of training camps shortly after that, which would mean only a few days of missed camp time.