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NFL Lockout: New Deal Not Final Yet, Should Be Completed Monday, According To Report

As with most reports emerging these days on the NFL lockout, there's always another side to the story. While Sunday morning reports had the new agreement between the owners and the players settled, Sports Illustrated's Jim Trotter has another side to the story. On Sunday evening, Trotter tweeted that the deal has not been completed yet, but it should be finished on Monday.

Both sides are probably arguing over the inclusion of a split infinitive on the 335th page. Actually, there's no indication what both sides are working on while they work toward a successful agreement, but language is obviously a god bet on what need to be work out.

Even with this latest wrinkle popping up, it's unlikely to turn into a major roadblock. On Monday, NFL fans should expect the NFLPA to hold its press conference to announce a new deal. But no one is likely to breathe easy until the players vote on reforming the union.

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