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NFL Lockout Is (Almost) Over: Free Agency Could Start Very Soon

Jay Glazer of is the latest to report the NFL lockout is likely ending on Monday. The owners and players worked into early Monday morning on the final details of the deal and it's believed the players will vote on Monday to approve the deal.

The players' executive committee will vote first to recommend the deal followed by the 32 player reps doing the same. From there, the 10 named plaintiffs will give the OK to the deal and if that happens we'll be talking about actual football. 

The first order of business, once the players vote, will be to figure out training camp and free agency. Glazer reports team facilities will be open on Tuesday and teams will start training camps on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Drew Brees, member of the executive committee, sent an email to his teammates indicating that free agency could start at noon on Tuesday. That means we could have an incredibly wild week of free agency only days before training camp.

So it appears Monday is the key day when the players wil vote and we could see a press conference between NFL and NFLPA officials announcing the end of the lockout.

Get ready for some football because when it comes back, it'll be coming fast and furious.