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NFL Lockout: Full Free Agency Start Date Could Be Friday

We're hearing a variety of predictions on when things like free agency and training camp will start once the NFL lockout ends, which is expected to happen on Monday. We've pieced a few reports together (much of it from Mark Maske of the Washington Post) and believe we have the rough and unofficial outline of what the league year will look like if/when the players approve the deal on Monday.

Starting on Tuesday, teams would be able to sign their own free agents, undrafted free agents and rookies. They would also be able to begin talking to other teams' unrestricted free agents on this day as well.

Starting on Thursday, training camps would start to open. 10 teams could open on Thursday, 10 more on Friday, 10 more on Saturday and two on Sunday. This of course is all depending on each team's camp schedule. 

Starting on Friday, unrestricted free agency would begin. This would be a 6:00 p.m. start date and it's expected to be wild. It'll be interesting to see how the fact that camp has already started for most teams affects free agency.

All this is contingent on the players taking a vote and approving the deal on Monday. Though it's widely expected to happen, we also thought it would happen last weekend, too. So once the players approve, the free agency and training camp plans will be put into motion.