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NFL Lockout: Players Plan 11:00 A.M. Conference Call

If you've turned on the TV or opened your computer on Monday morning, then you know by now that the NFL lockout is nearly over. The owners and players agreed to the final details of a new labor deal early Monday morning and the players are expected to vote -- and approve -- the deal on Monday.

The NFLPA has confirmed that there is an 11:00 a.m. (ET) conference call with the players' executive committee and 32 player reps. Presumably, this is about the time a vote will go down to approve the deal. The 10 named plaintiffs will also have to sign off on the deal but that's not expected to be a problem.

The players vote appears to be a formality at this point. The NFLPA wouldn't put this to a vote unless they thought they could get all the necessary votes so expect it to get done.

From there, the NFLPA will likely hold some sort of press conference celebrating the return of football and then we should soon be getting an official timeline on the two most pressing needs -- free agency and training camps.