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NFL Lockout: New 10-Year Deal Does Not Include Early Opt-Out

Here's some good news, football fans: the latest labor deal between the owners and players does not include an early opt-out, NFL Network's Albert Breer reports. That means the 10-year agreement is just that -- a firm 10-year deal.

In the last collective bargaining agreement signed in 2006, there was an early opt-out which the owners exercised at the first possible time in May 2008. That won't happen this time around.

This means that we will have 10 more years of labor peace in the NFL extending their run to 35 consecutive years without a game missed due to labor disputes at the end of the new deal.

This is excellent news for football fans everywhere, especially after undergoing the last three years of labor talk around the NFL. We shouldn't have to hear the words "injunction" or "stay" or "8th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals" in regards to a labor stoppage for some time.

The next step is for the players to vote on the proposed deal, which nearly everyone expects them to approve, and then to lay out a timeline for getting back to football.