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First Bargaining Session Of NBA Lockout To Be Held In Early August, Says Union

A National Basketball Players Association spokesman confirmed to that the union and NBA are hammering out details for the first bargaining session of the NBA lockout, to be held within the first two weeks of August.

Recent reports have suggested that neither the players or owners have shown an inclination to get back to the bargaining table, given the vast gap said to separate the sides. But staff from each side have been communicating, and a bargaining session that includes NBA deputy director Adam Silver and members of the union's board will be held in early August.

The NBA officially locked out players on July 1. When the NBA last locked out players in 1998, the sides didn't meet until the second week of August.

News of the coming meeting arrives as the NBPA considers decertifying as a union and filing anti-trust litigation against the league. The NFL Players Association decertified as that league's lockout began last spring; the NFL ended its lockout on Monday after 136 days.