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Ron Artest Reportedly In Talks To Join British League Team During NBA Lockout

Ron Artest does things a bit differently, so of course his international flirtation during the NBA lockout would be worth chuckles. The Chester Chronicle reports that Artest is in talks with the Cheshire Jets of the British Basketball League. Cheshire is a county in northwest England; Chester is the city that is home of the team. And no, the British Basketball League is not considered a good league, or even an OK league. As Scott Schroeder points out, the Jets' best player last season was St. Cloud State University product Matt Schneck. 

The Jets' director Peter Hawkins tells the Chronicle that Artest will travel to the United Kingdom in the next few weeks to finalize details of a deal for the Los Angeles Lakers forward to play for Cheshire. Hawkins said that he had "agreed to the fundamentals of a deal" with Artest's representatives via phone on Tuesday.

Given that Artest is involved, anything can happen. He could totally sign with an anonymous British team, or he could be on Dancing With The Stars, or he could have giant wings attached to his body. Everything is fair game.

Via I Am A GM.