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Dan Orlovsky Released By Houston Texans, According To Report

Dan Orlovsky has reportedly been let go by the Houston Texans. We know this even faster now that John Clayton has taken up the Twitters.

Now we know why Matt Leinart stay in Houston and didn't go to Seattle. The Texans cut Dan Orlovskyless than a minute ago via yoono Favorite Retweet Reply


Orlovsky, who went to college at Connecticut, is entering his seventh NFL season. He's only had significant playing time in one of those years, when he was 143-of-255 for 1,616 yards and eight touchdowns with the Detroit Lions in 2008. Since moving to Houston after that season, Orlovsky hasn't attempted a pass.

Orlovsky was listed second on the Texans' depth chart, ahead of Leinart and behind starter Matt Schaub. The Texans also drafted T.J. Yates in the fifth round, meaning someone had to go at some point. Apparently, the Texans decided to go ahead and make the move now.

The next move for Orlovsky is anyone's guess, especially given the time still left in the free-agent game.