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Brandon Marshall Diagnosed With Borderline Personality Disorder

Miami Dolphins wide receiver Brandon Marshall is crediting an offseason diagnosis and treatment for borderline personality disorder with saving his life, writes Omar Kelly of the Sun-Sentinel.

"By no means am I all healed or fixed, but it's like a light bulbs been turned on in my dark room," Marshall said of the diagnosis.

Multiple arrests and on-field outbursts dating back to his days at Central Florida led to years of therapy and counseling sessions that were of little to no help to Marshall. At the recommendation of Dolphins teammate Ricky Williams, Marshall began treatment at McLean Hospital in Boston.

Marshall underwent sessions over the phone and occasional in-person visits, but following an altercation with his wife, Marshall stepped up his treatments. Marshall spent nearly three months in the Boston area, undergoing several hours of meetings each day with clinicians and fellow BPD patients learning how to process his emotions.

Marshall tells Kelly that he hopes to become the face of BPD.

"Brandon's doing an extraordinary job of coming forth," said Jody O'Malley, Marshall's case manager at McLean. "He's using what he's learned to touch other people's lives who are dramatically impacted by loved ones who have borderline personality disorder."