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The Best Animated Sports GIFs Of June: A 20-Act Play

The month of June gave us some of the best animated sports GIFs we have ever seen. What follows is a 20-act play celebrating each one of these GIFs.



...hello there.


MICK MCCARTHY. I'm truly sorry for breaking the fourth wall, but after all, you were the one zooming into my face. I understand how it happened. I'm quite a handsome man.

Well, I suppose you're here because your June is over. How do you feel about that? A... thousandth of your life, evaporated? What did you do with your month? I would imagine you spent most of your your time wading in the air-conditioned fluorescence of a life un-lived, as you're doing now.

We in the world of sports, on the other hand, spent our Junes running and jumping and throwing and kicking. Locomotion? Are you familiar? It's quite a treat. In fact, we may have produced the very greatest month of animated GIFs of all time. Riots! Fights! Walk-off balks! Crotch thrusting! Goodness, we did it all.

What follows is a 20-act, 20-GIF play celebrating the month of June, 2011, in the world of sports. Each animation came from the month of June. Many of these animations tend to come from the likes of @bubbaprog and @jose3030. If you enjoy GIFs, follow them.

Now, off with you. I don't have time to babysit.

Act I | Acts II-V | Acts VI-X | Acts XI-XV | Acts XVI-XX
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