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David Stern Says Union Not Negotiating In Good Faith After First Day Of NBA Lockout Talks

The first day of NBA lockout talks unsurprisingly resulted in no progress; Derek Fisher told reporters following Monday's session that the sides were exactly where they were 30 days ago. NBA commissioner David Stern had a bit more to say, according to's David Aldridge.

Stern, asked if he believed the union was negotiating in good faith: "I would say not."

Ken Berger reports that after making that comment, Stern -- who was not scheduled to address the media at all on Monday -- walked away.

It's an interesting charge to levy at the union, considering that the National Basketball Players Association has filed charges with the National Labor Relations Board accusing the NBA of failing to negotiate in good faith. The two sides are locked in an apparent stalemate as players attempt to preserve the current economic structure of the league as much as possible while the league seeks major financial concessions.

The NBA locked out its players on July 1.