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New L.A. Football Stadium: What NFL Team Makes The Move?

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There is more than likely to be a new football stadium in the Los Angeles area whether it comes from the folks trying to push a stadium in the City of Industry or the AEG group who had a financing plan approved to build a new downtown stadium.

With a stadium likely coming, we need to find a team. There have been a number of teams mentioned, including the Jacksonville Jaguars, St. Louis Rams and Minnesota Vikings. ESPN's Adam Schefter reports that those three teams don't have the type of leases that make a move to L.A. very easy so they may be out (though you have to remember this is a fluid situation and we're talking five years down the line).

Instead, Schefter points to the Oakland Raiders and San Diego Chargers as the two leaders in the clubhouse for a move to Los Angeles. He's not saying it will happen -- just that those two have leases that make them the current favorites.

Things will change in the coming months (and years) but, for now, it appears Oakland and San Diego are the favorites to occupy whatever stadium is built in L.A.

Stay tuned to SB Nation Los Angeles for the latest on the Los Angeles stadium.