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PGA Championship 2011: Tiger Woods Confident, Borderline Cocky In Press Conference

Tiger Woods was decent, if unspectacular at the 2011 WGC-Bridgestone Invitational last weekend. It was a pretty good outing for a first tournament back from major surgery, but it still looks like Tiger's going to take a few tournaments to get back to his old form. So the goal for Tiger at the 2011 PGA Championship is just to play his best and make the cut, right?

If that was your thinking, you're not too familiar with Tiger Woods. He'd probably say that the goal was to win even if he had all of his limbs disabled. When a reporter asked Tiger at a press conference what a realistic expectation for this week was, his reply was simple.

"A 'W'."

When he was asked if it would take a win for the tournament to be a success...

"It would be nice. That's the goal, to win every tournament I play in. So that's not going to change. But the first thing is I had to get healthy in order to get back to that level . . . It all started with being healthy first. Now I can start playing again."

And finally, does he have a benchmark for where he wants to be in terms of Jack Nicklaus's number of majors won as he exists his 30s?

"Yeah, ahead."    

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