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Ohio State Investigation Somehow Not Over Yet, According To Report

Even after Ohio State has its Friday hearing in front of the NCAA Committee on Infractions, they might not be out of the woods. According to an ESPN report, the school has been notified that the NCAA is still investigating other issues with the football program. If true, this would mean a second run through the NCAA judicial system. An OSU spokesman denied that the school had been informed of this.

The original allegations against the Buckeyes had to do with possible ethics violation by former then-football coach Jim Tressel. The school was notified on July 14 that they would not face more serious "failure to monitor" charges, which was greeted as good news.

Since then, however, more reports of misconduct have surfaced, including an ESPN report about Terrelle Pryor being paid thousands of dollars for signed gear; another report alleging that Buckeyes players received free rounds of golf; and a Columbus Dispatch report that was looking at dozens of transactions between two Columbus-area car dealerships and people in or around the Ohio State football program.