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Chris Petersen, Other Boise State Faithful React To Gene Bleymaier's Firing

Boise State athletic director Gene Bleymaier is scheduled to be fired September 8 as the NCAA investigates infractions in several sports involving lodging for new student-athletes. Here's some reaction.

BSU football coach Chris Petersen:

"In my 10 years at Boise State Gene has been a tremendous supporter of not only our football program, but all the Bronco athletic teams and the entire University. I want to thank Gene for giving me an opportunity to become a head collegiate football coach."

Former BSU basketball player Matt Bauscher:

"Those are some big, big shoes to fill. He brought the program - the whole Boise State athletic program, every sport - he brought it up to a very high standard."

Paul J. Schneider, the radio voice of BSU for 35 years, on Bleymaier's memorble decision to give Boise State its distinctive blue turf:

"He'll be remembered for the blue turf, which was a stroke of genius and for all of the facilities that were built in his tenure. He took what basically was a Division II football program and turned it into a top-10 team program, though some felt it was at the expense of some other sports."

SB Nation Seattle:

The whole situation has turned into more of a pain for the school than it would have liked. All the turmoil and confusion over such a seemingly insignificant issue surely played a part in the departure of Bleymaier.

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