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Boise State Community Laments The Rush Of Progress

SB Nation’s OBNUG asks, “When did Boise State outgrow one of its most legendary employees? And what would it take to go back to the way things were?”

I became a Boise State football fan for the football, not for the HR drama, so you’ll have to excuse me if stories like this make me break out in hives and pen open letters on my blog. The drama of hiring and firing and NCAA investigating is one aspect of college sports that I can do without.

And I thought I was doing without it by being a fan of Boise State football. People wear camo to games, for crying out loud. How much more grounded can you get than that? But silly me. It would seem you cannot escape The Machine when your team is as good as Boise State’s. As the Broncos have grown, so have the headlines. Now here we are turning 29-year-tenured employees into lame ducks and scrambling like mad to keep up with the Joneses (whom we never liked in the first place).