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Ohio State Wraps NCAA Hearing In Indianapolis; Jim Tressel Issues Apology

The Ohio State University administration and now-former head coach have wrapped their NCAA heading in Indianapolis after less than four hours, lending credence to the theory that there aren't too many surprises coming down the pike when the Committee on Infractions issues its ruling against the Buckeyes in two to three months.

That doesn't mean, whatever Gene Smith burbled this afternoon, that there aren't still surprises to be had. The amended notice of allegations delivered to Ohio State in July leaves the possibility of the dreaded LOIC or FTM charges very much out in the open.

In the meantime, we keep vigil for football (20 days!), read rapt descriptions of the NCAA hearing rooms, and parse over what's left. Today's flotsam: The Buckeyes will be returning their share of Sugar Bowl loot. Jim Tressel is getting pretty good at giving apologiesfinally. And the world spins madly on. September, hurry up, would you?