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Oklahoma Officials Hold Meeting To Discuss Conference Options

With just weeks to go before the start of the college football season, rumors of Texas A&M's impending move to the SEC has set off a familiar chain-reaction amongst fans, the media and especially fellow universities.

Big 12 member Oklahoma, arguably the 2nd-most influential school in the conference, isn't going to sit around and wait to see what happens. According to reports, they've in full-on discussion mode to prepare their next move.

OU officials spent Thursday and early Friday discussing the various options should A&M leave the 10-team Big 12. Some favor trying to keep the Big 12 together, while others favor seeking new conference alignments. The Pac-12 is the most-discussed option, since the then-Pac-10 offered an invitation last summer, but some have brought up the Big Ten.

As always, this should be prefaced with the fact that nothing has actually happened yet. However, if and when Texas A&M is the first domino to fall, expect Oklahoma to be ready with their next move.