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Dennis Rodman's Hall Of Fame Speech: Passionate, Heartfelt And A Peek Into The Worm's Soul

We often hear athletes thank numerous people during Hall of Fame speeches, but it's not often we hear a speech like Dennis Rodman's. It's only fitting, though, considering the person and player, who was an enigma both on and off the court. And while Rodman did say thank you to quite a few people for helping his career and, more importantly, life, he also expressed sorrow and regret while apologizing for his personal failures.

Basketball kept Rodman out of trouble growing up, and no matter what happened on the court, he loved it. As he said during his speech, he could have his eyes gouged, his nose busted or his body flung to the ground and it didn't matter: he loved the pain of the game. His passion was for the game of basketball. He said he could have be dead, homeless or a drug dealer, but instead was able to play basketball. In the most chilling moment of the speech, Rodman said that his one regret was that he wasn't a better father, son or husband.

It was Rodman at his rawest and realist. Much like there was no filter for him during his playing days, there was no filter during this Hall of Fame speech. The difference is that the Rodman that spoke at the Hall of Fame ceremony was a reflective Rodman, unveiling his own personal demons even on a day where he was glorified. It wasn't your typical Hall of Fame speech, and that's exactly what made it so memorable.