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SEC Expansion: Big 12 Releases Statement Following Meeting To Address Texas A&M Rumors

The Big 12 Board of Directors held a teleconference on Saturday as rumors of Texas A&M's departure to the SEC swirled. Unhappy with Texas' Longhorn Network, Texas A&M has reportedly been exploring options to leave the Big 12 and join the SEC. Nothing is final, but the Texas A&M Board of Regents is set to meet on Monday to give the school's president the power to make conference alignment decisions, which would be a step towards the Aggies joining the SEC.

However, the press release sent out following the Big 12 meeting makes it sound as though the other nine conference members are pushing to keep Texas A&M. The release also includes a vague line about addressing institutional network concerns.

The Board strongly conveyed to Texas A&M its unanimous desire that it remain a Big 12 member, and acknowledged its value to the Conference. The Board noted that Texas A&M expressed concerns about institutional networks and that the athletics directors worked together and took actions, which the Board has approved, to adequately address those concerns.

What that last line means is anyone's guess, nor does the press release give away whether Texas A&M will stay or go. Instead, the other nine members pledge solidarity, with the Aggies still up in the air. It's anyone's guess as to whether this meeting will end up being like the Big 12 meeting in 2010 that stopped the wheels of expansion, at least temporarily.

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