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NFL Supplemental Draft: Six Players Ruled Eligible

In addition to former Ohio State QB Terrelle Pryor, five other players were ruled eligible for the 2011 NFL supplemental draft. The following players were also ruled eligible for the draft: Western Carolina DB Torez Jones, Georgia RB Caleb King, Lindenwood DE Keenan Mace, North Carolina DE Mike McAdoo and Northern Illinois DB Tracy Wilson.

The original date of the draft was Aug. 17 but that has now been pushed back to Aug. 22. We're not completely certain why the draft date was pushed back but it's believed that was because the league was still deciding how to handle the Pryor situation.

The NFL's statement on the supplemental draft indicated that Pryor would be eligible for the supplemental draft but can not practice or play in the first five games of the season.

The supplemental draft is a little different than the regular draft in April in that it's like a silent auction where each team puts a bid -- a draft pick -- on a player. The highest bid wins the rights to the player and forfeits the same draft pick in 2012. So if a team uses a fifth round pick on Pryor, they'll lose their 2012 fifth round pick.