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Lache Seastrunk To Transfer From Oregon To Baylor, According To Report

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Lache Seastrunk is a major part of the Oregon Ducks' current recruiting mess, but it seems as though the running back from Texas is attempting to remove himself from the situation. The most recent reports say that Seastrunk might transfer to Baylor.

Seastrunk is filing paperwork this weekend to transfer from Oregon to the Baylor Bearsaccording to a tweet from Texas football reporter David Smoak. Seastrunk is a Texas native; he decided on the Ducks after standing out as one of the best running backs in the nation while playing for Texas's Temple High School.

The running back was allegedly lured to Oregon when the infamous Willie Lyles gave the recruit an ultra-rare pair of Air Jordans, one of only two pairs ever made, along with numerous other alleged benefits.

If Seastrunk heads to Baylor before the upcoming college football season, his contributions to the Ducks will be concluded with one huge mess and 35 yards on 11 carries in the team's Spring Game earlier this year. Methinks that probably wasn't worth the $25,000 the team reportedly spent for Lyles' services, if he did in fact steer players to Oregon, unless LaMichael James was the player the team really wanted.