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Jordan Jefferson, Three Others To Meet With Police About Bar Brawl

A Saturday night report indicating Jordan Jefferson and three other LSU football players would be arrested on Monday morning for their role in a bar fight late Thursday night caused quite the buzz, but may have been a bit untrue. The Baton Rouge police department is continuing to investigate the previously reported brawl, which allegedly involved multiple LSU football players, but has yet to issue a warrant. Instead, Jefferson, the Tigers' starting quarterback, and others have been asked to meet with investigators on Monday as the police department tries to piece together what happened on Thursday night.

Here is the statement from Don Stone of the Baton Rouge police department (via Randy Rosetta).

BRPD's Don Stone: "We have contacted LSU and we have requested that Jordan Jefferson, Chris Davenport, Josh Johns and Jarvis Landry report to the BRPD Monday morning at 9 o’clock so that they can be interviewed as part of this investigation. Right now we’re not going to arrest them at this time. We’re not ruling out that they won’t be arrested but they need to come in and tell their part of the story like everybody else."

Jefferson was reportedly involved in the late-night brawl that ended with three people being taken to the hospital. LSU is in the midst of fall camp, preparing for a difficult regular season opener against No. 3 Oregon. Jefferson has not been disciplined, with head coach Les Miles choosing to wait for the process to play out before deciding how to handle the situation.

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