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Jordan Jefferson Kicked Someone In The Head In Baton Rouge Bar Fight, According To Witnesses

The LSU bar fight story that threatens to decimate the Tigers' roster before their season opener against Oregon is about to get even uglier. According to Scout's Randy Rosetta, a Louisiana TV station aired a report on Friday that included multiple witnesses saying quarterback Jordan Jefferson kicked someone in the head in the melee.

And Rosetta also had confirmation from a Baton Rouge Police Department spokesman that one of the four LSU players involved in the brawl — Jefferson, Chris Davenport, Josh Johns, and Jarvis Landry — kicked a victim in the head. The spokesman, Don Stone, would not comment on which player was responsible.

The "good" news for LSU, at this point? Rumblings about a "soccer kick" to the head haven't been confirmed by the Baton Rouge police; the cops have only "heard that," and cannot confirm that it happened. Yet.

To recap: witnesses say LSU's starting quarterback may have kicked someone in the head in a bar brawl, and though police cannot confirm Jordan Jefferson did that, they seem to be working under the assumption that at least one LSU player did kick someone in head, possibly with a "soccer kick."

Good luck with that, Les Miles.

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