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Victims Of Attacks At Raiders-49ers Game Remain In Serious Condition

Following attacks during and after the preseason game between the Oakland Raiders and San Fransisco 49ers on Saturday, two of the three men who were victims of attacks remain in serious condition in an area hospital. One of the victims was beaten in a restroom inside of Candlestick Park, while two men were the victims of shootings in the stadium parking lot. One of the two shooting victims has non-life threatening injuries, while the other shooting victim and the victim of the beating were admitted to the hospital with injuries that were believed to be life-threatening.

Police are still searching for suspects, but San Fransisco Mayor Edwin Lee and police Sgt. Mike Andraychak provided conflicting information to the media on Sunday. Lee said that he believed suspects were in custody, but Andraychak contradicted that statement, claiming he had no information on any arrests.

On Sunday, the mayors of Oakland and San Fransisco issued a joint statement condemning the violence at Candlestick Park and at sporting events in general.

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